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Super Gloss Si02 polymer Spray

Super Gloss is an Si02 based spray sealant enhanced with polymer-resin agents that will help fill in light swirls and protect your paint for about 1 month. Super Gloss will...
$23.96 $16.05

Synagua Waterless Wash

Synagua waterless wash is an efficient and effective way to clean your vehicle if you have limited or no access to water. Synagua is formulated with emulsifiers and surfactants to help lift...
Daily DealsExterior

Firebird Wheel Cleaner

Firebird is a unique wheel cleaner formulated with special surfactants, compounds and emulsifiers that help create a light gel based cleaner. Firebird will gently pull off dirt and grime from the surface making...

Firebird+ (Iron Removing Cleaner)

Firebird+ wheel cleaner is designed to remover  iron deposits from wheels and paint. It’s a non acidic and pH balanced so it’s safe for all types of wheels, from OEM...

Recharger Tire Dressing

Recharger is a tire dressing that penetrates into the surface of the tire creating a layer of protection with a nice rich look. It can also be used on wheel wells and any...

Epic Bottle (36oz) with trigger

Best way to dilute your products is with our Epic bottle! It already has the ratios on the bottle to know exactly the amount to put in. It also comes...
$8.99 $6.02

Eluo shampoo - pure gloss

Eluo isn’t your average car wash soap. Eluo is Enhanced polymer shampoo with extra gloss to it and slickness and of course suds. Which means more foam with very little...
$16.99 $11.95

Eliminate hand sanitizer

   Eliminate Hand sanitizer contents 75% isopropyl alcohol,  antiseptic, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide. It will leave your hands slightly soft. You don't need much of it when applying it.  


Perfect brush for wheels and lug nut area, also can be used for interior. 

Foam Fiesta Gun

If you own a pressure washer, this is perfect! Very little of Eluo shampoo and add some water, and you’re having a foam Fiesta! 

Foamy homie foam gun

Perfect for you! if you don’t own a pressure washer, this connects right up to you water hose. 
Daily DealsExterior

Mr Shampoo

For a limited time only, we are offering Mr. shampoo. Mr. shampoo was developed especially for our dog Ely when he was alive. When we got him from the shelter...

Forte - Heavy Duty Degreaser

Forte is created with special surfactants, emulsifiers and detergents to create an outstanding concenrated degreaser. Forte is perfect for cleaning tires, engines, and road grime.  1) Dilute Forte to appropriate...

My buddy

The difference between this foam gun vs our other is the thickness it sprays out for foaming. It’s a little more advance. The neck part is a lot stronger. This...
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